The waxes used will ensure the least uncomfortable waxing experience possible. Different types of wax are used in different areas for maximum results.

Clean and easy roller wax

A warm wax, containing no chemicals or perfumes. It works at a safe low temperature – perfect for legs – quick and efficient.

Depileve hot wax

Depileve wax originates from spain and is now one of the largest manufacturers of wax in the world, supplying 87 countries. This waxing method is slower than strip waxing, but less painful and more suitable to smaller more sensitive areas.

Waxing Prices:

  • Lip  -  €8
  • Chin  -  €8
  • Lip and Chin  -  €15
  • Half Leg  -  €18
  • Full Leg  -  €30
  • Bikini  -  €15
  • Underarm  -  €12

Pre- Wax Advice

Its best to leave at least 3 weeks of regrowth before making your appointment. This will allow the wax to grip the hair more effectively. Prep the area during the week prior to your appointment by exfoliating the area to be waxed. On the day of waxing do not apply any creams on the area.

After Wax Advice

Some redness, slight soreness and small bumps can be common and considered a normal reaction to waxing. This should subside however by 24-48 hours. If you do experience any persistent irritation please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Avoid any other heat treatments, unusual creams for 24 hours after treatment
  • No hot baths, hot tubs or jacuzzi
  • No tanning, fake or real!
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water
  • No deodorant, body spray, powder lotions or unusual products to the area
  • Wear clean, loose fitting clothes