Lets Talk About Hands…

Are you feeling that your hands don’t look their best? I’d like to suggest something you can try that will make a huge difference for a small amount of effort.

This is for the people who aren’t great at nail painting, trust me it’s simple and it works.

  • Pick a light pink nude nail varnish, any one will do, Essence is the cheapest I’ve seen, but it doesn’t matter as long as it’s light pink.

We pick this colour for a few reasons, firstly it shouldn’t stain your nails so no base coat necessary, (for all you low maintenance people who don’t have a base coat, imagine not having a base coat!). Secondly, it is difficult to notice a bad paint job when it’s a light/nude colour. So take your time, apply one coat, let it dry. Apply a second coat, let it dry and your nails should look good. Adding a top coat adds shine and keeps the polish looking better for longer, but is optional.

Put on a bit of hand cream, but wait until the polish is dry. Your hands will go from meh to oh yeah!

Nude Nail Polishes

The three featured polishes are just an example; Essie ‘ballet slippers’, Sally Hansen ‘shell we dance’ and Essence ‘sweet as candy’ and are available to buy in McCauleys, Shaws and other pharmacies.

If you would like to come and get your nails done, give a call or text on 086-6095122 to make an appointment. Ordinary nail polish, Shellac and The Manicure Company are available here.