Mascara makeup tips and tricks

Mascara, here’s the low down..

My favourite everyday use mascara is ‘Maxfactor Masterpiece Max’ in black. It is good quality, I like the wand, it’s not too clumpy and won’t break the bank at €16.99. I should point out I have done an instructional video on this, available on Facebook, it’s worth taking a look.

Follow the instructions below for great results that I think will make a big difference to your eyes – and it is easy.

  • I suggest you always begin by cleaning the wand lightly before you apply, by holding a tissue between your fingers and gently run the brush through your fingers. This is a really good way to refine the product and prevent any little clumps and lumps.
  • Next, I want you to look down to the mirror with your chin up, get the wand bristles right up into the lash line, sawing from side to side and lift those lashes up, you can roll the brush outwards as you are lifting your lashes for maximum effect.
  • Apply several coats, you probably don’t need to put more product on the wand, keep in mind that you can lift the outer lashes outwards, middle lashes straight up and inner lashes inwards.
  • If you make a mess get a cotton bud, with a tiny bit of concealer and tidy it up. Simple! For the bottom lashes chin up and gently wiggle the wand from side to side to very lightly, less is more here.
Max Factor Mascara

Now step back and look at those fab lashes! I like to begin with eyelashes tinted already for maximum definition, lucky for you I can do that… Give a call 086 6095122 to book an appointment. Patch test required 48 hrs prior to treatment.