My Guide to the basics..

There are so many products out there now and adverts telling you why you should be using this and that, so to cut through the waffle, I want to share with you a simple basic skincare routine.

These are 4 basics that I think we should all be doing.

  • Cleanse – You can use cream, lotion or wash but you should really try to cleanse morning and evening. I use Image Ormedic Facewash, I love it. It is gentle but effective. I find a facewash quick and handy to use. I like to remove the wash with a warm not hot facecloth, this helps with a little bit of exfoliating at the same time. This is available to buy online, I often get it at  and costs about €37. You will have it for ages.
  • Moisturise – Dryness is a huge cause of premature ageing, so do your future skin a favour and moisturise, every day. I highly recommend you use one with a built-in sun protection factor (SPF). It will protect your skin. I am using The Skin Nerd’s own range – Skingredients Skin Shield SPF 50, it’s the nicest factor 50 I have ever used. It gives a lovely glow and leaves your face looking and feeling great. This is available to buy in McCauleys,  and and costs €42.
  • I also like Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream, it’s really nourishing and includes ingredients like Vitamin A, C and E. It doesn’t have an SPF in it though, so for day time I mix it with their Solar Defense booster, which you can mix with any moisturiser, I get this in factor 50. This is available in Chemco, Bunclody and online and costs €60, The booster costs €55

I have to mention Trinny London BFF cream Spf 30 as well. It gives a lovely glow, mimics your skin tone and refines your complexion. It is a great everyday option. This is available to buy at and costs €42

Trinny London BFF Cream
  • Exfoliate – There are several types of exfoliants available, I like one with fine microbeads in it, apply and work in gentle circular movements up your face from chin to forehead, avoiding the eye area. Do this 3 times. Remove with a warm not hot face cloth. Your skin will be glowing, don’t forget your neck when you are applying your exfoliant. The choice of exfoliant depends on your skin type and needs.

You can exfoliate at least once and up to three times a week depending on your skin type. At the moment I am using Holos Light Exfoliating Facial Polish, I find it good. You can buy this at and it costs €23.30 I have also used Clarins exfoliating cleanser with Orange Extract, I really like this, it’s a handy one to keep in the shower and works well. You can get Clarins online and it costs €25

  • Mask – This is something that many people don’t include in their routine but I think you should. Even if you buy just one mask suitable for your skin type, it will be a treat and give a much-needed pick me up when required. A mask can be done once a week but I only do one once in a blue moon when my skin looks dull and needs a boost.
  • My absolute favourite mask for a real skin boost is the Image Total Resurfacing Mask. This micro-exfoliating masque maximizes exfoliation while minimizing the appearance of dark spots. It rejuvenates skin’s surface with a blend of alpha hydroxy acids and smooth micro-crystals that gently slough away dead skin cells. It leaves my skin glowing every time. This is available to buy online and costs around €44
  • Another Mask I really like, for a moisture boost in Yonka Hydra No.1 Mask, It’s great for dry or dehydrated skin. It is enriched with hydrating actives like aloe vera, and vegetal glycerin. In addition, it contains anti-dehydration and repairing active ingredients like jojoba and olive phytosqualanes. Vitamin A for smoothing properties and B5, C and E. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and good for skins exposed to sun and external factors which mine definitely is!. This is available online and costs €49

A mask should address what your skin needs at any given time, so getting something suitable is the most important thing. If you are not sure and you would like to talk it over give me a call on 086 6095122. A great way to get started on a good skincare routine is to have a facial and after closer inspection of your skin, we can discuss suitable products.