Simple, Natural Five-Minute Face

I’m a low maintenance type of girl when it comes to make-up, I don’t want to wear foundation everyday if I can get away with it. I don’t like the feel of it and particularly now with wearing masks all the time, I don’t think it’s a great idea. My skin is not bad, I have some redness and a bit of visible pigmentation due to sun damage but generally I don’t get breakouts, with that in mind here is my five-minute face…

This is a simple 5 step process to looking a little more put together and it’s super quick.

Moisturiser . Concealer . Cream Blush . Mascara . Eyeliner .

Moisturiser – On a clean face, I like to apply The Skin Nerd Skingredients, Skin shield SPF 50. I am loving this product at the moment. It gives a little bit of a glow, leaving skin looking good, evens things out a little but without ‘coverage’. See further details about this on the blog under Hero products. I also have a video on Facebook showing how fabulous this products is on.

Available at and costs €42

Concealer – Then I will apply a little bit of concealer, at the moment, I like Trinny London BFF (the tiniest bit on your ring finger tip). This goes just under my eyes, maybe a tiny bit on lids if I look a bit pink there. Now my top tip for applying this is to get it on to the skin and then tap/pat gently in place, this will get it in well and will help it last and stay in place. See further details on the blog under Hero Products.

Available at and costs €46.50

Cream Blush – ladies if you haven’t tried it, you must. It’s the quickest way to get a lifted more youthful dewy face there is. I use Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lip and Cheek in Pale Pink 11. Any cream blush will do. I suggest a really light pink is probably the safest colour to invest in to begin with.

Available online and costs from €28

We gently pat this on the fullest part of your cheek above the level of where your nose ends, not below this point as it drags the face down a bit. Start with a small amount and build. If it looks a bit crazy, with a clean finger remove/blend the product until you are happy. I suggest you probably need to apply it a little higher than you think.

Mascara – Ok you’re already looking less tired! next eyes. There are a few options, the minimum is mascara, I like MaxFactor Masterpiece Max in Black – now I want you to apply this really well. I have a great video on Facebook and instagram on how to apply this really well. Apply this several times, you probably don’t need to put more product on the wand, keep in mind that you can lift the outer lashes out, middle lashes straight up and inner lashes inwards. If you make a mess get a cotton bud and either dampen it or use a tiny bit of concealer and tidy it up.

Available in pharmacies and costs €16.99

Eyeliner – for a really fresh-faced look I recommend using a nude eyeliner on the lower waterline of your eye. I like Rimmel’s nude pencil 005. You will be amazed how much fresher and awake this makes you look.

Available in McCauleys and costs approx €5


Check out the before and after pics Please don’t get a fright,I didn’t know how to make the pictures any smaller!.

Can you see the difference? It makes my face look fresher and I feel a bit more put together. Most importantly it doesn’t take long. I hope you give it a try, feel free to get in touch if your have any questions. You will get me on 086 6095122. I would love to hear from you.