Trinny London Bff Cream Spf 30

I got this fabulous product just before Christmas, I’m sure you have all seen the adds on Facebook. I was so curious to see if it was as good as people were saying. Ladies, it is.

It goes on really nicely on the skin, smells beautiful, it mimics your skin tone and leaves a lovely glow when it’s on. It gives very slight coverage or perhaps it’s best described as a refined appearance of the skin. I love this product because I don’t like to wear makeup every day.

My face is complete with this, some cream blush and maybe a bit of concealer. Just how I like it – nice and simple.

It wakes up tired skin, hydrates, reduces redness and boosts glow. This product does exactly what is says on the tin and I have to highly recommend!. Head over to Kate Murphy Beauty Therapy on Facebook to see a video on how this looks on…

Available to buy on and costs €42. The Match 2 me on their website works very well to find your correct shade.