Yonka Hydra no.1 Mask

A Mask I really like, for a major moisture boost is Yonka Hydra No.1 Mask.

It’s great for dry or dehydrated skin. It is enriched with hydrating actives like aloe vera, and vegetal glycerin. In addition, it contains anti-dehydration and repairing active ingredients like jojoba and olive phytosqualanes. Vitamin A for smoothing properties and B5, C and E. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and good for skins exposed to sun and external factors which mine definitely is!

I leave this mask on overnight. It leaves the skin feeling nourished, plump and soothed. I think it’s a super product. Calming, plumping, nourishing.

This is available online, at www.beautyrepublic.ie and costs €49